Fire Safety in High-rack Storage

The proactive approach

Rather than fighting a fire, OxyReduct® is designed to prevent it from starting in the first place. The system introduces carefully controlled levels of nitrogen into protected areas, reducing oxygen levels to just below the point at which a fire can ignite.

While OxyReduct® can be used in both partly and fully automated facilities, we always make sure to adapt our fire safety concept to specific warehouse requirements, reducing oxygen levels from their normal 20.9% to between 13.8% and 17.0%.   

How OxyReduct® works

Our certified warehouse fire safety solution checks all the boxes on a comprehensive fire safety checklist. It is smart, safe and effective, tested and certified, simple yet sophisticated. Always carefully customized to meet individual warehouse needs, it remains scalable and ready to grow with your storage facility.

Based on simple science, OxyReduct® introduces natural, non-toxic nitrogen into protected areas, carefully reducing oxygen levels to below the specific ignition threshold of the stored products and materials. In this way, the patented nitrogen-infusion technology creates a fire-adverse atmosphere in the warehouse.

Why OxyReduct® is right for your warehouse

  • Proactive fire prevention: Effectively protects people, assets and business operations.
  • No damage: Since there is no fire, there is no smoke, soot or residue from extinguishing agents.
  • Effective investment protection: Your investments in facilities and assets remain well protected.
  • Smart design: Sprinklers need space for large water tanks and extinguishing agents. Not OxyReduct®. With its compact design, it frees up 15% of storage space on average.
  • Customized application: Each system is configured to meet individual warehouse fire safety needs, both now and in the foreseeable future.

    What OxyReduct® does for your business

    With an effective fire prevention system in place, you avoid costly supply chain disruptions. You protect your assets, and reduce business risks. And when your warehouse grows or changes, so does OxyReduct®, always flexibly adapting to your evolving requirements. The system’s attractive cost-benefit ratio and low operating costs (as compared, for example, to air conditioning or lighting systems) further contribute to your bottom line.

    Why WAGNER?

    WAGNER is the number-one specialist in innovative, individual fire protection concepts. We draw upon 40 years of expertise and experience to provide our customers with a full spectrum of fire protection solutions.

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    Certified warehouse fire safety system

    OxyReduct® is the first active fire prevention system certified by VdS, Europe’s leading independent body for fire safety. Of critical importance to warehouse developers, owners and operators, this certification is further testament to the system’s quality and reliability.

    To ensure a safe, low-oxygen working environment for authorized personnel, OxyReduct® is also carefully calibrated to comply with both official regulatory requirements, and individual warehouse specifications.

    Working in sync to ensure warehouse fire safety

    Used in conjunction with OxyReduct®, WAGNER’s TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors sense smoldering fires very early on, reliably identifying even the smallest pyrolysis particles in the air.

    Manage your technology, communication and security systems all from a single console with VisuLAN. This way you can react quickly in case of an emergency, minimizing damage and avoiding operational mistakes.

    OxyReduct® in action

    Paper, cardboard, plastic film…many of the packaging materials used in high-rack storage facilities are highly combustible. Once these materials ignite, fire can rapidly spread throughout a warehouse.

    Check out the fire behavior of cardboard in a reduced-oxygen atmosphere and watch how OxyReduct® prevents fire from igniting.

    View the fire experiment now!