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Global leader in commercial fire protection

What makes us unique

What We Do

Headquartered in Germany with offices around the world, WAGNER Group is a 40+ year global leader in commercial fire protection.

WAGNER believes true fire safety takes place before a fire even starts...not after the fact. Offering an alternative to traditional smoke alarms and fire sprinkler systems, our mission is to pioneer the latest advances in early fire detection and fire prevention.

We’re proud to say that today, our products are installed at thousands of sites around the world.

We’re solution providers. That’s very, very important to us. We don't supply products, we supply solutions.

Torsten Wagner
WAGNER Group GmbH Managing Director

What We Offer

WAGNER delivers intelligent systems along with specialized industry expertise to provide customers with tailor-made solutions that stop fires in their tracks. Our flagship solutions include:

  • Very early smoke detection apparatus (VESDA) using air sampling smoke detectors (TITANUS®)
  • Active fire prevention through low oxygen systems (OxyReduct®)

Isn’t it time you changed the way you think about commercial fire protection?

Quality is key

Find out more about how we meet the highest standards in commercial fire protection

Who We Are

A global manufacturer of fire protection systems, WAGNER remains a family business managed by founder Werner Wagner and his son, Torsten Wagner. Both are committed to a singular goal of protecting customers from the risks and loss associated with fires.


Werner Wagner, Managing Director

Werner Wagner founder the company in his basement in 1976, and has since grown WAGNER to an international leader in fire prevention and safety.

A telecommunications engineer with a pioneering spirit, Wagner is a visionary, a tinkerer and an inventor at heart. As WAGNER’s leader and chief inspiration, he is actively involved in all facets of the company’s operations, working to continually improve and expand his technology to offer the most advanced solutions on the market.

Recipient of the 2016 Family Business Owner of the Year award, Wagner is also committed to building a corporate culture of generosity and respect amongst his 569 employees around the world.

It's time to change the way the world thinks about fires. Rather than finding ways to clean up after its destruction, we can leverage technology and innovation to get ahead of its path - and stop fire in its tracks.

Werner Wagner
WAGNER Group GmbH Managing Director

Torsten Wagner, Managing Director

Torsten Wagner was seen in WAGNER’s factories long before he took an official role with the company, fascinated by the trade even as a young electrical engineering student. He joined the company fully in 1996, and heads the Technology, Purchasing and Logistics divisions. Wagner’s exceptional technical expertise and process-oriented mindset are instrumental to the company’s continued growth and expansion.

As a family business, and one that is committed to staying as such, we bring a level of dedication, drive, and compassion to this industry that's unmatched. We're truly setting the gold standard for commercial fire protection around the world.

Torsten Wagner
WAGNER Group GmbH Managing Director

Our roots are strong

Read our founder’s story and remarkable growth over the last 40 years

Continuous growth

Employee development

As a result of our company’s ongoing expansion, our workforce has been growing steadily for years. We are still looking for qualified professionals to join our team.

We are a learning organisation. Continuous improvement is one of the keys to our joint success as a team.

Torsten Wagner
WAGNER Group GmbH Managing Director

Sales development in millions of euros

Thanks to our employees’ dedication, our innovative fire prevention technologies, and our customers’ ever-increasing safety and security requirements, our revenues are continually on the rise.

We specialise in niche areas, and are always working on new ideas.

Torsten Wagner
WAGNER Group GmbH Managing Director