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Better fire protection solutions for warehousing and logistics

WAGNER in Canada

International fire protection expert, WAGNER Group GmbH, now offers its fire safety solutions for warehousing and logistics in Canada. Based in Toronto, WAGNER Fire Safety Canada Ltd. was founded on July 23, 2019 under the management of Frank Siedler. The customer-focused hub will be supported by partners in Montreal and Vancouver, with many more planned in the near future.

WAGNER is an internationally recognized developer of fire protection systems. Since the company’s founding in 1976, over 700 patents have been registered by its research and development department which have tested for strict quality and product standards.

WAGNER Canada will offer WAGNER’s OxyReduct® active fire prevention and its TITANUS® family of very early fire detection. Both systems have been in use globally for many years and our expansion into Canada will not only allow us to better serve our current customers but also introduce future ones to the reality that a fire can be prevented from starting or spreading.

In addition to logistics, WAGNER also offers customer-specific fire protection for IT, industry, commerce, rail, archives, museums, libraries and more.

Innovative and tested fire protection systems for fire detection and fire prevention

TITANUS® for early fire detection

TITANUS® brand air sampling smoke detectors (ASD) consistently tests the air in protected areas for smoke particles using innovative HPLS technology. This offer the advantage of time compared to conventional point detectors which only report an alarm when smoke is present.

OxyReduct® for active fire prevention

More than 500 companies worldwide rely on VdS-approved OxyReduct®.  Not only does it prevent fire and the damage it causes, but also eliminates the inevitable water damage caused by conventional extinguishing methods. OxyReduct® literally starves fire of oxygen concentration it needs to ignite and spread, allowing business processes to continue uninterrupted.

Fire protection reference projects in Canada

Dr. Oetker, Ontario: WAGNER protects deep-freeze warehouse with active fire prevention against fire and the consequential damage

Food manufacturer, Dr. Oetker, relies on the OxyReduct® system for the active fire prevention of its deep-freeze pizza warehouse in London (Ontario, Canada). Dr. Oetker's automated deep-freeze warehouse opened in the summer of 2014. By January of the following year, the OxyReduct® VPSA system that had arrived from Langenhagen, Germany was installed, and their warehouse was protected from fire with WAGNER’s 21st Century technology.

Simplot, Manitoba: Fire protection for deep-freeze warehouse to maintain the supply chain

Early in 2020, Simplot Canada Ltd. in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, will be next to commission their OxyReduct® fire prevention system. Simplot’s potato processing plants in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, have an annual capacity for more than 300 million pounds of frozen French fries and formed potato products, and WAGNER Canada will equip their deep-freeze warehouse with its signature active fire protection. OxyReduct® will allow Simplot to maintain its supply commitments and production chains, allowing it to serve the needs of large last-food chains and other customers throughout North America.

Conestoga Cold Storage (in Mississauga, Kitchener, Calgary and Montreal): TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors for early fire detection

In 2019, to ensure fire detection in its warehouse, Conestoga Cold Storage opted for the TITANUS® early fire detection system from WAGNER Canada. Conestoga has over 37 million cubic feet of freezer storage spread over five locations in Canada. These provide dependable cross-country service and easy access to points in Canada and the U.S.  For them, the early and false alarm-free detection of fire sources are essential to ensure the preservation of goods. To accomplish this, Conestoga opted for TITANUS PRO.SENS® detectors.

Wagner Fire Safety Canada Ltd.

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