An air sampling smoke detector with a full range of features

The TITANUS TOP·SENS® is an air sampling smoke detector with all the bells and whistles. It has all the features of the PRO·SENS®, plus a network card slot to allow network capability via Ethernet / SNMP connection. This premium product includes a bar graph to display smoke density levels in the event of fire.

Thanks to a combination of highly sensitive HPLS optical technology and LOGIC.SENS fire pattern recognition, the TITANUS TOP∙SENS® combines maximum sensitivity and maximum security against false alarms in rooms as large as 5,760 m². A second detector module can be used to create a dual detector dependency setup, or to monitor a second area independently. Each detector module can be configured with up to three alarm levels. An additional connection socket makes parallel display possible.


  • The TITANUS TOP·SENS® features a graded alarm-activation concept with up to three alarms per detector module.
  • Smoke levels can optionally be displayed on the unit as a bar graph.
  • The pipe network can be configured with up to 1 x 100 or 2 x 72 air sampling points.
  • An extensive range of DIN EN 54-20 certified accessories allow operators to tailor their systems to their individual needs.
  • The system’s modular design makes it a customisable and cost-effective solution.
  • Versions for noise-critical areas (23 dB (A) and up) or cold storage (as low as -40 °C) are available as well.
  • TITANUS®PipeXpress Secure project planning and configuration is just five mouse clicks away.
  • The plug-and-play design saves time on commissioning.

Equipment and usage features

Areas of application

Automated high-bay storage facility

Buildings 30 metres or more in height, product flows centralised within gigantic logistics centres, and investment-heavy intra-logistics systems: from a fire-engineering point of view, automated high-bay warehouses carry a great deal of fire risk. Early detection using TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors gives operators a crucial head start when fires occur, enabling them to take immediate action. Air sampling smoke detectors also make fire inspections a straightforward process, with no need to interrupt operations, because they do away with the need for numerous individual point-type detectors and can be placed in easily accessible locations, such as on the front side of a storage rack.

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Deep freeze storage facilities

Cold, dry air means that materials stored have very low absolute moisture levels, creating an increased risk of fire. Moreover, even the smallest amounts of smoke can render stored food products unfit for human consumption and sale. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors can detect fires while they are still in the incipient stage, so that they can be suppressed immediately.

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TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors do not negatively affect sauna appearance, so they can monitor sauna areas reliably while preserving their “feel-good” aesthetic. Heat and condensing moisture have no effect on the air sampling smoke detectors’ reliability and efficacy.

Currently, TITANUS® is only approved for the application in storage and logistics. If you want information on other TITANUS® applications, please contact us.