Change The Way You Think About Industrial Fire Protection
It’s time for an alternative to sprinklers.
TITANUS® – Earliest Possible Fire Detection for the Fastest Response
Every second counts.
Industry Solution

Data centers

Data center operators’ number-one priority—the standard they aim to uphold—is to ensure maximum continuous availability of data and computing capacity. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors can detect emerging fires early on, so that operational downtime can be prevented. TITANUS® devices also feature network interface card slots and Ethernet connections so that alarm and malfunction messages can be transmitted directly to the data center management system. That way, if a pre-alarm is signalled, it can trigger automatic backups of all data, in order to prevent data loss—particularly if power is cut. The internationally recognised "SNMP" (Simple Network Management Protocol) standard has been integrated into the TITANUS® network solution especially for IT areas. This allows IT personnel to be notified immediately of any malfunction or fire incidents within the monitored area.

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Industry Solution

Warehouse & Logistics

We understand the unique requirements for warehouse fire safety.

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The industrial fire protection leader

WAGNER is a 40+ year innovator of fire protection systems, offering tailored solutions for a wide range of facilities, including: Warehouse & Logistics; Automated High-Bay Storage; Cold Storage; Automated Warehouse; Hazardous Materials Storage; Archives, Museums, & Libraries.

We handle all R&D, product design and engineering in house, supported by a comprehensive service portfolio that includes planning, installation, implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Our main industrial fire protection solutions include:

  • Very early smoke detection apparatus using air sampling smoke detectors (TITANUS®)
  • Active fire prevention through low oxygen systems (OxyReduct®)

The WAGNER Group, family owned and headquartered in Langenhangen/Germany, employs more than 640 people around the world.