Our quality promise

Our standards are our motivation

Our high quality standards and unceasing efforts in pursuit of optimisation and perfection are the successful drivers of our in-house research and development work, which has resulted in over 700 patents thus far. WAGNER products are protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. 

As a technological leader in the field of early fire detection and active fire prevention, WAGNER provides customers worldwide with complete solutions from a single source:

  • Research & development
  • Consultation & planning
  • System engineering & commissioning
  • Service & maintenance

WAGNER’s fire prevention solutions protect a wide range of applications, such as data centres and IT, telecommunications facilities, storage and logistics centres, archives, museums, administration buildings, production halls, rail vehicles, hotels and many more.

In terms of our systems as well as in our collaboration with our customers, we think of quality and reliability as a promise to uphold. These criteria are absolutely essential, particularly in the safety and security industry.

That’s why WAGNER is an authorised fire protection company within a number of national markets around the world. Our systems always receive each country’s key certifications in accordance with the applicable national regulations. This signals the quality of our systems and services to our customers.

Customers need to know that they can rely on us when things get serious.

Werner Wagner
WAGNER Group GmbH Managing Director

ISO 9001 certified company organisation

We regularly have our company ISO 9001-certified in order to meet our customers’ requirements, uphold our standards of product and service quality, and continue optimising our business performance. From development and planning, to production and installation, to service and maintenance, every one of our company divisions are regularly inspected by independent bodies—and pass with flying colours.

VdS-approved installer

As a VdS-approved installer company, WAGNER is officially qualified to plan and install fire detection, prevention, extinguishing and alarm systems. Customers are thus assured that their systems will comply with VdS quality criteria.

Directive compliance

We always take care to comply with all applicable directives and standards, such as guidelines on project configuration and machines; we are also actively involved in working groups that help develop new directives (e.g., VdS, BSI). Our experts are represented within the most important national and international standardisation bodies (such as CEN, Eurofeu, VDB, DIN, ZVEI, ISO).