The universal air sampling smoke detector

The universal TITANUS PRO∙SENS® is WAGNER’s best-selling air sampling smoke detector. Depending on the situation, the one or two detector modules (each with a one-stage alarm) can be set to sensitivity levels as high as 0.015 % Lt/m on their primary alarms. The highly modular air sampling smoke detection system offers solutions for both simple and highly specialised areas of application.

WAGNER’s TITANUS PRO∙SENS® air sampling smoke detector is designed to monitor large areas of up to 5,760 m². Thanks to a combination of innovative High Power Light Source (HPLS) technology and patented LOGIC∙SENS fire pattern recognition, the TITANUS PRO∙SENS® provides maximum sensitivity and security against false alarms even in difficult environmental conditions.


  • The TITANUS PRO·SENS® monitors rooms and equipment using two detector modules in a dual-detector dependency configuration.
  • Additional alarm indicators can be connected as desired.
  • The number of air sampling points can be freely adapted to individual circumstances (up to 1 x 100 or 2 x 72 points).
  • A range of DIN EN 54-20 certified accessories provides even greater modularity, thus making the TITANUS PRO·SENS® air sampling smoke detector an even more cost-effective option.
  • It is available in Standard, SILENT (23 dB (A) and up, for noise-critical areas) and Cold Storage (for temperatures as low as -40 °C) versions—a specific fire protection solution for any area of application.
  • TITANUS®PipeXpress Project planning and configuration is fast and secure.
  • The plug-and-play system makes commissioning quick and easy.

Equipment and usage features

Areas of application

Automated high-bay storage facility

Buildings 30 metres or more in height, product flows centralised within gigantic logistics centres, and investment-heavy intra-logistics systems: from a fire-engineering point of view, automated high-bay warehouses carry a great deal of fire risk. Early detection using TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors gives operators a crucial head start when fires occur, enabling them to take immediate action. Air sampling smoke detectors also make fire inspections a straightforward process, with no need to interrupt operations, because they do away with the need for numerous individual point-type detectors and can be placed in easily accessible locations, such as on the front side of a storage rack.

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Deep freeze storage facilities

Cold, dry air means that materials stored have very low absolute moisture levels, creating an increased risk of fire. Moreover, even the smallest amounts of smoke can render stored food products unfit for human consumption and sale. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors can detect fires while they are still in the incipient stage, so that they can be suppressed immediately.

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TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors do not negatively affect sauna appearance, so they can monitor sauna areas reliably while preserving their “feel-good” aesthetic. Heat and condensing moisture have no effect on the air sampling smoke detectors’ reliability and efficacy.

Currently, TITANUS® is only approved for the application in storage and logistics. If you want information on other TITANUS® applications, please contact us.