TITANUS® Aspirating Smoke Detector (ASD)

Very Early Fire Detection

Think all smoke detectors are created equal? Think again. Most react only to high concentrations of smoke or heat in a certain area - which may be enough to alert you to a fire, but is too late to stop it from doing major damage.

The fact is that when it comes to fire, every second counts. TITANUS® is a very early smoke detection system that gives you the head start you need. Our highly sensitive air sampling systems offer aspirating smoke detection (ASD) at the earliest possible stages.

What are the early stages of a fire? Before a fire erupts into flame, there are a number of stages where early detection can play a critical role. TITANUS® detects them all:

  • Pyrolysis: a chemical change that reduces material combustion point - even at relatively low temperatures.
  • Incipient: the earliest stage of decomposition; may be invisible to the eye, but could still be easily controlled or extinguished.
  • Smoldering: noticeable smoke, though flames or heat may not yet be visible, often presenting a silent risk.
  • Flame: rapid combustion and heat buildup.

Through high response sensitivity, continuous air sampling and a graded alarm-activation system, TITANUS® ensures detection at even the earliest stage of fires - giving you back those critical seconds needed to react.

A crucial head start - when it counts most

How It Works

TITANUS® leverages optical air sampling smoke detectors with HPLS (High Power Light Source) technology for early fire detection, taking continuous samples of the ambient air and analyzing them for the smallest traces of smoke particles. High sensitivity calibration and advanced technology ensure accuracy and prevent against false alarms.


With our own in-house R&D department, WAGNER has been a pioneer in developing air sampling smoke detectors since 1997. The result: a product family that delivers unparalleled detection quality and safety.


  • Early detection
    Reliable early alarm triggering adds critical minutes, even hours to your response time.
  • High accuracy
    Intelligent LOGIC·SENS® signal processing distinguishes fire patterns from dirt or dust that cause false alarms.
  • Reliable in any condition
    Poor air flow or accessibility? No problem. You can count on TITANUS® in any environment.
  • Temperature-resistant
    Delivers powerful monitoring at temperatures as low as -40 and as high as 140°F.
  • Simple maintenance
    Easy access and installation means no hassle for maintenance, inspection, and more.
  • Modular
    TITANUS® can be customized and configured to support your exact needs.
  • Seamless design
    TITANUS® is unobtrusive, with ceiling ducts and air sampling points that are virtually invisible and the ability to install the detection unit in a co

Reference projects

KERN & SOHN GmbH, Balingen (Germany): Perfect fire protection for precision scales in a new automated warehouse construction

These goods are precious, and actual delivery capability is even more valuable to us.
That’s why we’ve invested in good fire protection.

Albert Sauter, Managing Director, KERN & SOHN GmbH

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Areas of application

Data centers

Data center operators’ number-one priority—the standard they aim to uphold—is to ensure maximum continuous availability of data and computing capacity. TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors can detect emerging fires early on, so that operational downtime can be prevented. TITANUS® devices also feature network interface card slots and Ethernet connections so that alarm and malfunction messages can be transmitted directly to the data center management system. That way, if a pre-alarm is signalled, it can trigger automatic backups of all data, in order to prevent data loss—particularly if power is cut. The internationally recognised "SNMP" (Simple Network Management Protocol) standard has been integrated into the TITANUS® network solution especially for IT areas. This allows IT personnel to be notified immediately of any malfunction or fire incidents within the monitored area.

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Warehouse & Logistics

We understand the unique requirements for warehouse fire safety.

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Data centers

Maximum availability is the number one priority for data centers; WAGNER offers fire protection that meets the demands of modern IT services.

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Archives, museums and libraries

Protect cultural heritage and valuable collections reliably and invisibly against fire and consequential damage.

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Archives, museums and libraries

Archives, museums and libraries house unique, irreplaceable works, so they require particularly extensive fire protection. High-sensitivity TITANUS® air sampling smoke detectors detect fires as quickly as possible, when they are still in the incipient stage, so that appropriate action can be taken immediately. Hidden pipe-system installations and low-noise air sampling smoke detectors ensure that the monitored room is not negatively effected visually or acoustically.

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