Ensure Warehouse Fire Safety with Advanced Detection and Prevention Systems
Think prevention...not just suppression

Warehouse Fire Safety

It’s critical

Fire safety is particularly important in warehouses, where fires can start easily and spread rapidly. When planning or expanding a warehouse or logistics center, companies must therefore include a sound pre-fire safety plan - adequately protecting staff, environment, facilities and goods, and ensuring seamless business continuity.

Warehouse environments pose multiple fire hazards

Most fires in warehouse facilities and distribution centers are caused by electrical distribution, lighting equipment or a technical defect. Once a fire starts, damage and danger are exacerbated by the structural characteristics of a warehouse. High storage configurations, long conveyor belts and narrow aisles are all conducive to the horizontal and vertical spread of fire.

Another challenge is the increased use of plastic in products and packaging, as plastics carry considerable health risks when ignited. The same holds true for chemical and hazardous materials (hazmat), which can be explosive in nature.

Warehouse fire safety is now more important than ever

Exciting developments in online sales and retail account for the proliferation of distribution centers and warehouse facilities around the world. As customers expect ever-faster delivery options, fireproofing your warehouse to avoid disruptions in business operations becomes more critical than ever before.

Advanced fire detection and prevention systems across the warehouse and logistics sector

The best fire protection? Prevention!

WAGNER’s solutions for fire prevention are particularly popular across the warehouse and logistics sector, where the risk of fire is high and the damage caused by water and other extinguishing agents can be devastating. Unlike sprinkler systems, OxyReduct® does not fight fires, but rather prevents them from ever starting. It reduces oxygen levels in protected areas to just below the point at which a fire can ignite, effectively protecting people, products and business processes.


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What WAGNER brings to the table

  • Experience
    With over 700 patents and 40+ years of expertise in fire safety and prevention, WAGNER is an industrial fire prevention technology company.
  • Innovation
    A recognized technology leader with a sophisticated in-house R&D team, WAGNER continuously updates and enhances its warehouse fire safety solutions.
  • Prevention
    With WAGNER’s OxyReduct® active fire prevention technology, fires don’t stand a chance.
  • Protection
    People, processes and products are effectively protected at all times.
  • Expertise
    With scores of references to prove it, WAGNER is considered a global technology leader for automated warehouse fire prevention.

Reference projects

KLM GmbH, Rheine (Germany): Fire protection in a deep-freeze warehouse

The solution speaks for itself: in our new high-bay cold storage warehouse, nothing can burn thanks to active fire prevention using oxygen reduction. Thanks to the high energy efficiency of the VPSA technology installed, we not only score big in terms of security, we also keep operation costs down.

Frank Huckschlag, Managing Director, NewCold Germany Rheine

Fire protection in hazardous material storage

We were faced with a difficult task that we could not accomplish using conventional safety and security technology. Our company fire brigade conducted an extensive series of tests attempting to set fire to an OxyReduct®-protected test laboratory—in vain.

Dr. Peter Bachhausen, Head of Safety and Environmental Protection, BASF Coatings AG