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Give Fire the Cold Shoulder with OxyReduct® fire prevention

Cold Storage Calls For Active Fire Prevention

OxyReduct®: the powerful solution for cold storage warehouse fire prevention

Most people do not associate cold storage with heat and can’t imagine fire to be a problem in these environments. But those in the industry know the opposite is true. Extreme temperatures, dry air and low humidity create a perfect storm for fire to ignite. The high level of automation, common in modern cold storage facilities, comes with its own set of fire hazards. Hidden hot spots include cable breaks, overheated conveyor motors and technical defects in refrigeration units, retrieval vehicles, and packaging equipment. Once a fire starts, the highly combustible insulation and packaging materials used in cold storage facilities do their part to fan the flames. And if all that is not enough, the fire also spreads rapidly both vertically and horizontally among the high racks and narrow aisles of today’s cold storage warehouses. Making matters even worse is the fact that such fires, once they start, become difficult, if not impossible, to suppress with conventional fire extinguishing systems.

In short: the best way to guard against the very real danger of fire and its devastating effects in cold storage warehouse facilities is to prevent them in the first place.

Enter OxyReduct®, the proactive solution for cold storage warehouse fire prevention

The most effective fire protection? Prevention!

Cold storage warehouse operators are increasingly relying on OxyReduct®, WAGNER’s proven, intelligent solution for fire prevention.


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Why OxyReduct®?

  • Focus on fire prevention
    Unlike conventional sprinkler systems, causing damage to stored goods, OxyReduct® prevents fire from ever igniting.
  • Perfect for cold storage
    An advanced oxygen reduction / nitrogen infusion fire prevention system, OxyReduct® is designed to work reliably under the toughest thermal conditions
  • Tailored solution
    No two warehouses are the same. That’s why each OxyReduct® installation is tailored to meet individual warehouse needs.
  • Official certification
    OxyReduct® is certified by VdS, Europe’s leading independent institution for fire safety and protection, has officially certified WAGNER.
  • Smart, scalable design
    OxyReduct® is designed to grow with your business and flexibly adapt to current and future needs.
  • Multiple references
    WAGNER is a worldwide leading provider of cold storage warehouse fire prevention systems. Customers include Preferred Freezer Services, Dr. Oetker,...

Reference projects

EDNA International GmbH, Brehna (Germany): Comprehensive fire protection for a new, state-of-the-art deep-freeze high-bay storage facility

OxyReduct® VPSA helps us save on operating costs while still maintaining a high standard of safety.

Norbert Meitinger, Managing Director, EDNA International GmbH

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KLM Logistik, Rheine (Germany): WAGNER fire protection solution protects Germany’s largest fully automatic high-bay deep-freeze storage facility

The solution speaks for itself: in our new high-bay cold storage warehouse, nothing can burn thanks to active fire prevention using oxygen reduction. Thanks to the high energy efficiency of the VPSA technology installed, we not only score big in terms of security, we also keep operation costs down.

Frank Huckschlag, Managing Director, NewCold Germany Rheine

Preferred Freezer Services, Richland  (USA): Minimising fire-related risk in the food industry

Our warehouse has to be operational 24/7 no matter what. We can’t afford interruptions of any kind. This is what made WAGNER’s OxyReduct® active fire prevention system the most suitable fire protection solution for us.

Burnie Taylor, General Manager, Preferred Freezer Services

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Jurong Cold Store, Singapore: Fire protection for frozen goods

Lower investment costs, improved storage capacities, no collateral damage due to false alarms, no damage to stored goods: the benefits of active fire prevention won us over—Jurong Cold Store chose German fire protection technology for its Singapore facility.