Our portfolio of services

Everything from a single source

Our broad portfolio of services helps us offer our customers all the support you need for your fire protection system. We give our customers professional, reliable guidance through the entire process, from determining fire protection system requirements to commissioning to subsequent maintenance.

Research & development

Our in-house research and development department is continuously working to develop and perfect our fire protection systems. The work done in WAGNER’s R&D department has resulted in more than 700 patents over the past few years, and has made the company the technology leader in the fields of early fire detection and fire prevention. Thanks to our extensive nationwide distribution network, we are always close to the market and know our customers’ needs, so that we can adapt our systems to them more and more effectively.

Planning and project design

Our specialists work in close cooperation with our customers to plan and configure fire protection solutions tailored to customer needs. They start by conducting a risk analysis in order to determine which fire hazards the customer faces, how significant they are, and how likely they are to occur. This analysis is used to derive protection objectives, which define fire protection system performance capabilities and serve as the basis for planning the required technology. Planning work takes statutory requirements into account, as well as the customer’s individual protection needs, which are often more stringent than legal requirements. Individual consultation and customised fire protection solution development for customers with high standards and difficult areas of application is what sets WAGNER’s work apart.

Installation and commissioning

As a VdS (Organisation of Property Insurers)-certified installer of fire detection, prevention, extinguishing and alarm systems, we set up our customers’ fire protection systems professionally and in accordance with quality criteria.

Service & maintenance

Our nationwide network of branch offices ensures that our service technicians and installers are always close to our customers. Our technicians are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide fire protection technology system maintenance and service.