VisuLAN X3 risk management system - functional principle

Organise safety perfectly

VisuLAN X3 is an open software platform that incorporates all building services, communications and security systems into a single, manufacturer-independent interface. The software serves as the central operating and control panel for all systems, creating a full log of all events and notification messages to allow targeted responses. Users only need to learn one programme, which they can then use as a central interface for monitoring and managing all systems and handling all notifications. Because the system is so easy to use, it minimises the risk of operator error even in hectic situations.

The reporting module continuously logs all events, such as status changes, messages, and user input. Data can be evaluated and exported in real time. Additional attachments, such as video recordings, emails and other files can be added to the system.

VisuLAN X3’s modular design and layout manager make it a safe investment and an ideal solution for any situation, from a single-user system to an international network with unlimited operator stations. The system can be expanded at any time after installation, so it can develop right along with the company.


  • Central networking of security, communications and building services systems
  • Optimised, integrated process sequences in case of emergency
  • Vendor-neutral thanks to open interfaces
  • Building automation: Overall concept rather than isolated solutions
  • Needs-appropriate thanks to modular system structure
  • Structured display, intuitive controls and dynamic workflow
  • Shorter response times and less operator error

Simply safer in case of emergency

The documentation module ensures consistent documentation. It logs and archives all user activities and system actions, as well as any notification messages sent or received within the network, so incidents can be reconstructed completely.

VisuLANX3 offers flexible configuration options, so it can be adapted individually to any situation. Integrated, intuitive graphics and text editors make it easy to create and update images, symbols, object lists, notification message texts and instructions. That way, users can focus on the essentials—and fewer superfluous or unclear elements also means less chance of user error.

VisuLAN X3 makes managing building technology and systems a piece of cake. The facility management module can turn offline data, such as maintenance or testing intervals, into series templates. Created events are depicted clearly and conveniently in the Facility Manager. This makes work a great deal easier, saves time, and ensures that no important deadlines will be forgotten.